Sustainable Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela 

The (business) world is changing rapidly, facing new global challenges. Many international organizations, business firms, and governments show an increasing demand for students and graduates equipped with knowledge on sustainability. However, current university students often do not feel well prepared to address those challenges. Hence, around the globe the demand for more sustainable education is rising. Therefore, the mission of our team is to add more sustainability aspects in the current teaching at WU Vienna. We believe that to prepare students better for actual and future challenges, traditional education and sustainability aspects should be brought together. 

Partners and Cooperation

To reach this goal, our team cooperates with partners within and outside WU Vienna.  Lots of support, especially at the beginning of our project was, and is still, provided by the competence center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR) at WU Vienna. Further,  the team cultivates a close relationship with the Institute for Ecological Economics and the Society for Plural Economics Vienna additionally to other organizations.

From an international perspective, our team is supported in several aspects by oikos international. Currently, this includes being an active member of the oikos international Transforming Education Squad, which brings together teams from several active chapters around the world and facilitate their work on transforming education.

Past Achievements

Since the creation of the sustainable education team of oikos Vienna in March 2020, its members have been active in several, very diverse, projects toward a more sustainable future for university teaching at WU and beyond. 

Transforming Education with oikos International

In this article, part of a campaign of the Transforming Education initiative of oikos International, you can learn more about Michaela's journey and how she started to transform WU's education. Get ready to get inspired and motivated! 

Listening Compre-hension for the EBC course

We conducted an interview on the SGDs for the course 'English Business Communication' and designed questions for a listening comprehension. The listening comprehension is on MyLearn since the winter semester 21/22 and is part of the evaluation for the students participating in that course.

Further Achievements

Next to a series of small side-projects, our achievements include:

  • Pitch in front of the WU Rectorate to present our goals and objectives at WU and to find potential partners, 
  • Participation in the EAUC Virtual Global Climate Conference 2020, 
  • Mention of our project in the Financial Times article.