In 2012, oikos Vienna was launched by a handful of WU students. Ever since, the organization has realized many different sustainability projects in the field of education. In the following, an excerpt of oikos Vienna's projects of the past few years.

Get Active with president VdB

In summer 2018, young people and student organisations (among others oikos Vienna) presented their ideas and thoughts on sustainability goals in a self-made video. The demands for an adaptation of the SDGs with measurable goals and the involvement of the civil population were presented to the Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. The photo exhibition "Pic your future", which was designed by the Youth Environment Platform JUMP, was part of the project.

SDG Climate Hiking

In summer 2018, two former oikos members went on a SDG-Hike through Austria titled “ECOGNIZE goes climate hiking”. The two students left their bubble and hiked across the whole country - from Neusiedlersee to Lake Constance. There, they talked to the local people and several NGOs about SDGs and made pictures with the hashtag #sdg4all, in order to raise awareness. You can look up all pictures of the SDG climate hike on instagram.

Edutopia is a two-week summer academy that took place in June 2018 and was launched by two former oikos members. It hosted open-minded and creative people from different countries and backgrounds. The academy focused on designing the university of tomorrow, offered different real case studies from companies and took into account the personal growth and reflective awareness of the participants as well.

Ecognize was founded in 2017 by two former oikos members and ÖSSFO. It provides a platform where students can share their knowledge about sustainability with younger ones. Ecognize creates workshops on the 17 SDGs and enables students to visit schools in order to hold these workshops. In 2018, Ecognize won the 2nd price in the Sustainability Challenge and since summer 2019 it is an indipendent organization.

Change Maker Program

The Change Maker Program was launched in 2017 by four former oikos members. The program consisted of three key components: being, knowing and doing. Participants should not only gather knowledge on sustainability topics and learn about different leadership-tools, but they should also recognize their studied their basic values and personal goals. Only this would turn them to responsible "change makers" of tomorrow.

Global Goals Conference
In summer 2017, the student organization oikos Vienna, STaR and the initiative "Wachstum im Wandel" organized a Global Goals Conference on the premises of WU. Its focus was on the SDGs. Besides several workshops on this topic in the afternoon, involving representatives from business, research and civil society, the conference offered an interesting keynote followed by a panel discussion (event program here).

FH Krems Sustainability Day
Since 2016, master students of environmental and sustainability management organize FH Krems Sustainability Day every year. The project was initiated by some former oikos members and still is one of the most sustainable events at the FH Krems each year.


Imp!act Vienna
In 2016, two former oikos members launched im!pact, a three-day networking event in Vienna that was powered by euforia. It offered motivated people with sustainable project ideas the possibility to connect and team up with similar eager partners.