You have a social business idea but do not know how to realize it?

Within our project team you can meet like-minded and motivated students. Together, you can create and execute powerful projects in the sustainability field!
In order to effectively promote our projects, our teams regularly attends the WU Green Buddies meetings and keeps in touch with our different partners and different stakeholders. 

Below, an overview of our current projects:

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Helfen.Wien is a "pop-up" initiative launched by oikos members Max, Markus and Nadine in March 2020. It helps start-ups and little shops in Vienna through the financially difficult times of COVID-19. The platform offers consumers the possibility to easily buy gift-vouchers from their favourite Viennese bar, restaurant, theater and more.

You want to support your local shop around the corner? 
Then click on the button below.


ECOSIA is a search engine that donates most of its profits to NGOs which focus on reforestation. WU on ECOSIA and BOKU on ECOSIA are two initiatives launched by oikos member Marcel and BOKU-student Jakob. The aim is to encourage university students and staff to use ECOSIA as search engine. Curious how many trees you will plant today? Then install ECOSIA by klicking on one of the buttons below. 

Your university is missing? Start your own initiative! 
We will happily share our knowledge with you.


The EcoMap is a virtual map that indicates ethical and ecological sustainable shops in Vienna and other European cities. In order to be listed on the EcoMap, stores must fill in a standardized questionnaire, which will allow us to rate their “sustainability impact”. A re-designed Ecomap homepage is about to be launched soon. We will announce it as soon as it’s ready - stay tuned.