About oikos

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What is oikos Vienna?
We're a student organization for sustainability in economics and management based in Vienna. We form part of oikos international, a network of more than 45 chapters around the globe.

How is oikos Vienna structured?
Oikos Vienna consists of several projects (Currently Curricula, Impact and Knowing) and functions (Marketing, Relations, International, Finance and Good Vibes), which are all organized independently. The respective project and team managers are part of the Board, which in turn is chaired by our President, Vice-President and Head of Finance. We are also supported by our Advisory Board and the oikos Almuni.

Join us and become a member!

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How can I join oikos Vienna? Is an application necessary?
No application is necessary for you to join us. Just fill out this form and we will get in contact with you.

Do I need a specific background to join Oikos Vienna?
We are looking for people who are passionate about sustainability and environmental protection. There is no specific background necessary, although for specific positions this can vary. For more detailed informations, please take a look at our open positions.

How can I become an official member?
With a membership fee of 10€ per semester you are a full, official member of oikos Vienna.

I don‘t speak German at all, would this be a problem?
Not at all! Depending on the team members, we communicate and work in German or English. Plenum Meetings will always be held in English and everyone is welcome.
How much time and effort can I expect?
When you join us, you are free to decide how much time you want to spend on your own - it's entirely up to you. Together with your team you will be able to choose which and how many tasks you can take on. At the beginning of the semester we plan our projects together, but you can also always jump in during the semester. If you can't find the time, we just ask you to let us know in time and to consult with your team.

How often do meetings take place?
Once a month everyone meets for the plenum and reports on the progress in their projects and teams in the past weeks. The plenum is also an opportunity to clarify administrative and organizational matters, to raise open questions and exchange and bring in your own ideas. 
In the projects and teams, the meetings are organized independently and usually take place every other week, or more often if necessary. 
In addition, we also try to keep the community aspect high and meet and do something together apart from the projects. Last semester we met online to chat, had a Christmas party and we also run the oikos Vienna Running Challenge together. But we are looking forward to being able to see each other in person soon.