Due to COVID-19 our events will take place online for the time being. 

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oikos Expert Talk Online

Can you sue for a better future?
The legal expert Gregor Schamschula from the ÖKOBÜRO will tell us more about how the law can be used for protecting our climate. What is ‘climate litigation’? Who can sue and who can be sued? Look forward to hearing about some of the most interesting cases!

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When: May 13, 2020 - 6:00 PM
Where: online (ZOOM LINK)


Spring is here - and this means that we can get to know each other better during an adventurous hiking-trip. We are still trying to find a suitable date for our team-building hike. Of course, several factors play a role - also the current situation regarding COVID-19.

When: (early) summer 2020
Where: somewhere in the nature

Summer Brunch

We would like to organize a picnic together as soon as it gets nice and warm outside (and as soon as the corona-curview is over). Ideally, everyone brings something to drink and snack with them. Like this, everybody can enjoy a relaxed afternoon-picnic at its best!

When: (early) summer 2020
Where: somewhere in Vienna

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