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Oikos' team members participating in the climate protest in vienna

Act, Act, Act!-Now, Now, Now!

Although the current health crisis has had an impact on our lives, it is not the time to give up the fight for a better future. Together, step by step, we can make a difference. Act now! (German)

Corona virus - see it as a chance?

Naomi Klein, the Canadian bestselling author, activist and renowned critic of capitalism, describes in her article "How to beat Corona Virus Capitalism" how times of crisis can be used to push through alternative ideas.  (German)

You dream of travelling?

Especially now that you are sitting at home, you dream of your next vacation and far away countries! We do not know yet when this will be possible again but you can use the time until then to find out about environmentally friendly travelling. (German)

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable funds do not only show investors alternatives on the financial market; they also support those companies that care for our environment, fight social injustice and seek innovative solutions to the problems of our time. (German)

Sustainable online

Topics such as the reduction of plastic waste or the abandonment of conventional/fossil energies are being analyzed over and over again. However, one factor is often ignored: How resource intensive is the internet? (German)

Nobody is perfect

Have you ever heard of Eco-Anxiety? When I first stumbled upon that term, I didn't really know what it meant. As it turns out, it was created to describe the feelings many people have about the climate crisis. (German)

LCOY Conference

In Nov. 2019, the Youth Climate Conference (LCOY) took place for the second time in Vienna, where I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer. The aim of the conference is to promote the interest of young people on climate issues. (German) 

oikos Vienna Movie-Night

On June 2019 we watched the documentary "How to Change the World" on the premises of WU Vienna, followed by a podium discussion with Katharina Rogenhofer, Alersxander Egit and Andreas Novy. (German)

Watchfox: Environmental rights developments #3

In our third edition we take a closer look at the "location development lawyer" whose task it is, to defend interesents of economic growth in different proceedings (German).