Our organizations is divided into one oikos board and four project groups. The board and the project groups each count six different functions (look at matrix). Our organizational size is not limited to thirty members. Moreover, it is possible to join as "helping hand" as well.


The matrix has no hierarchies. Each member, no matter whether he or she is part of the oikos board or of a project group, has the same voting rights and is expected to collectively develop oikos Vienna as a whole.

We organize social events such as, the General Assembly, a Christmas dinner and other leisure activities. In addition, there are regular project and funtion meetings throughout the semester. Depending on your function and project group, there may be busier and less busy times. 


  • Within the project meetings, the project group members foster the realization of their project. There are clear areas of responsibility, however, cross-functional task delegation between team members is possible if it does not negatively impact the project.


  • Within the first half of the function meetings, the function group members share their experiences and coordinate their actions. In the second half, all (thirty) members gather in order to develop oikos Vienna as a whole and to vote on important decisions.