Who are we? 

We are an association of aspiring students who have set ourselves the goal of making the world of business and management more sustainable. And: Everyone is welcome here! No matter if your field of study is law, biology or computer science, we are convinced that interdisciplinary diversity is more important than one-sidedness. We are based at WU Vienna, but we also like to meet in cafés, on Zoom or in nature. In doing so, each person can contribute their own ideas.

You want to have a quick but informing overview of what we are currently doing? 

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Economics cannot be talked or thought about without sustainability – and for a good reason. We are in the middle of a climate crisis and by now, it is clear for everyone that fundamental change is needed. The way our economic system works now does not respect our ecological boundaries and, hence, will not function in the long run.  

We at oikos Vienna are dedicated to address and discuss how the transformation to a sustainable economy can happen, but most importantly, get active now in making our world a better place.

How do we do that?

We address first and foremost economic and business students and all those that relate to this field as future leaders and thinkers to create a sense of responsibility and urgency, as it is on all of us to work on a more sustainable future. For that, awareness is the first step to action, which we create by organising events, discussions and address relevant topics through our channels to provide a point of contact for everyone. As we firmly believe that no matter where your (future) profession might lie, sustainability is and should be recognised as a relevant part, we try to cover a wide range of topics. So far these have included sustainable fashion, finance, climate-related law, and institutions. 

In addition to addressing our fellow students directly, we also work closely with the Vienna University of Business and Economics to advocate and work on changes in the current curricula that provide space for critical, and new ways of thinking and discussing the future of our economy and environment. 

And beyond that, we also work on bringing our solutions to practice, which have included the platform ecomap (https://ecomap.global/), but can be anything our motivated oikees have in mind.  

Overall, we at oikos Vienna provide a space for students from different disciplines and backgrounds who are committed in getting involved and active in effecting real change. We understand oikos Vienna as a community of like-minded, highly motivated people who are united by the same overall goal and work together under these core values:  


Ecological & fair – our main orientation in what we do is in protecting our environment in a fair and just way 

Responsibility – we recognise our responsibility for creating change and act accordingly 

Community – we act as a community, support and learn from each other 

Innovation – we think critically and work on new ways to achieve our goals  


Interested yet? Explore our current projects to learn more about what we do – and see how you can get involved. 


We are always looking for young, motivated volunteers who would like to get involved in sustainability in their free time besides their studies. 

Why all this?
Volunteering as a student comes with many benefits! For one, it's an easy way to meet like-minded people, especially if you've moved to a new city. It also gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience - and usually without a long and tedious application process. With volunteering, you can implement your creative ideas with motivated people and make the world a little better at the same time. What is your project of heart?

Would you like to get involved and find out more? Join us here! 

oikos Sustainable Education

Nelson Mandela already said that education is the most powerful weapon when changing the world. And we agree - oikos Sustainable Education aims at integrating more sustainable elements into university teaching. To achieve this, we work closely with STaR, the Gesellschaft für Plurale Ökonomik, and WU Vienna.

oikos Knowing

oikos Knowing is about sharing knowledge about sustainability and environmental protection with as many students as possible. people always wanted to know about sustainability. We host talks with renowned guests, organize educational workshops and more. 

oikos Impact

oikos Impact combines many impactful initiatives - Here, the most revolutionary of the revolutionary projects are developed and brought to life. Examples include EcoMap, or the initiative WU and BOKU on Ecosia.